Increasing your capacity

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Social Media

The emergence of social media has changed the way small businesses and non-profit organizations reach people. Using social media isn’t rocket surgery. But it requires a variety of skills that few small businesses and non-profits can afford to have … [more]

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Editorial Services

With a background in media and an extended network of skilled writers, editors and graphic designers, The MarketFarm provides high-quality editorial services for media organizations and other businesses that publish editorial-style … [more]

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Special Services

A background in writing, editing, visual communication, media management, advertising sales and customer service – combined with an extended team of specialty partners – provides a powerful combination of capabilities to serve your regular and … [more]

From the Blog

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5 good projects for your holiday-season lull

For many of us, business is going to slow down at some point in the next few weeks of the holiday … [more]

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Mowing down price objections in advertising sales

You won’t close many advertising deals without being asked to cut your price. But doing so takes … [more]

First they tell you to swipe your credit card…

First they tell you to swipe your credit card. Then they tell you to push cancel. Then they … [more]