Cultivating marketing strategy
and self-sufficiency in a fast-changing climate

When you want the finest produce money can buy, you go to the Farmers’ Market. There, you hand-select peppers, radishes, corn or whatever else, while the people who grew it provide a mouthwatering description of why it’s so good.

That’s kind of what we do at The MarketFarm, except we don’t salivate, and we’ll never try to convince you that Brussels sprouts actually taste good.chicken-180x180-right

We’ll help you figure out the right strategy for marketing your business in the era of social media; we’ll help you plant the seeds and bring in the resources to make them grow. And after a short growing season, (dare we say it?) your business will make some hay. You know, harvest some real cabbage.

The MarketFarm provides marketing strategy, coaching and enablement. We work to:

  • Understand your needs
  • Create a plan that fits your business
  • Identify the right contractors to work the land
  • Organize the work so you end up with your own marketing organization.

And when you’re ready, we get out of the way. So it’s your plan, your team, your success.

We emphasize the use of original content and social media marketing techniques to build a network of prospects who seek you out because you have what they want and need.

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