In praise of the external combustion engine

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The Tata Nano is billed as the world’s cheapest car. But not, apparently, when you 24-tatanano-fire200consider the cost per mile to operate it. In the photo at left, a Nano finds a spectacular way to say “Ta-ta” to its owner: bursting into flames on the way home from the dealership where it had just been purchased.

As seen in this article from, the Indian press is taking it seriously – this being at least the third reported incident of the Tata’s external combustion engine.

Back in the USA, there’s a lot to learn from the issue. For instance, here’s how it could appear in standardized testing:

Tata is to Toyota as:

  1. the Cleveland Browns are to the Cleveland Indians;
  2. Jesse James is to Tiger Woods;
  3. Tiger Woods is to David Letterman;
  4. “Hey look, a blimp” is to “What did you do with my investments, Mr. Madoff?”

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