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A bright, consumer-oriented design for a non-profit organization that has a complicated message to communicate, because it provides a wide range of services for multiple constituencies. The most important design parameter was to create navigation that allows visitors to self-segment by audience, and quickly access the most relevant information. Also important were an ability to easily update the home page with current information about events and programming, and to create a hub for programming, fundraising and other activities.

Site incorporates:

  • Custom configuration of a standard WordPress theme on the Genesis framework
  • Integration with Paypal fundraising, Eventbrite registration, and Mailchimp e-mail
  • Dynamic home-page slider
  • User-selected home-page tab section
  • 200+ pages at launch
  • Multiple menus with pull-downs

Websites developed and supported by The MarketFarm have these four elements in common:

  • The WordPress content management platform
    • High reliability, low cost and easy administration 
  • Striking appearance
    • Based on each client’s personal preferences
  • Purposeful design
    • From words to layout to navigation, they’re as simple or exciting as needed to meet objectives established before technical work began.
  • Accountability
    • Detailed analytic reporting, as needed, through Google Analytics, an industry standard that adds no additional cost

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