Six simple rules for successful small-business advertising

  1. 6-numbers-1075313_1280Decide what your ad needs to say before you start booking space.
  2. Think of a customer behavior you want to change, and advertise to that; it’s how you’ll know if the advertising works. For example, if your slowest day of the week is Tuesday, advertise a Tuesday special.
  3. Pay a professional to design your ad; there’s no point spending money that makes you look amateurish.
  4. Just a handful of advertising exposures almost never pay for themselves. It’s a long-haul investment. If you aren’t going to spend enough money to assure the audience will hear from you a dozen or more times, find some other way to invest in your business.
  5. Run more ads in fewer outlets rather than fewer ads in more outlets.
  6. Run a larger number of small ads rather than a smaller number of large ads.

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