A visual communications professional for over 15 years, Barb Rosenbaum’s background in marketing and sales drives her design instincts. What does that mean? Great design does more than look good; it moves through the the eyes and into the brain, driving the desired behavior and results.

For 9 years before joining The MarketFarm, Barb was the creative force behind visual marketing communications for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Managing a high volume of work at a fast pace, her ability to keep the brand fresh and influence perceptions about the institution made her work stand out.

Her work influences readership, click-throughs and purchases, and makes complicated concepts easier to understand. Barb leaves her ego at the door because she knows strategic communication is a relationship-based discipline built on trust, integrity and collaboration.

Her clients have included manufacturers, retailers, schools, a range of non-profit organizations, along with the occasional artisanal goat-cheese producer.

Strengths include identity and branding, brochures, sales literature, direct mail solicitations, invitations, annual reports, outdoor advertising, print and digital advertising, electronic news templates, web graphics, and magazine layout and design.

Whether you need a business card, a bus wrap or a banner the size of your building, Barb knows where to start.