Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than the latest buzzword; it’s the basis of the marketing revolution that’s taken place since the emergence of the Internet and social media.

Then: Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and other media aggregated audiences by providing interesting and useful content. Marketers would pay for access to these audiences through advertising. This still happens, but less than it used to.

Now: Rather than seek synergy with someone else’s audience, marketers create their own. Content marketing is publishing:

  • Find compelling, important, helpful information based on your own organization’s skills, passions, products and services.
  • Use story-telling practices – journalistic writing, video, audio, photography, info-graphics, etc. – to turn that information into content prospective customers can use.
  • Build your own audience by making this content available through social media, website, newsletters, printed materials, etc.
  • Add in a “Goldilocks” mix of promotional information and sales offers:

Too little: The audience doesn’t get conditioned to respond to offers and promotion;

Too much: The audience gets fatigued from constant pitches and disengages;

Just right: The audience responds, your business grows and everyone lives happily ever after.

With background in media, journalism, story-telling, web development and social media, we understand content marketing as it applies to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

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