Journalistic coverage of your organization’s events and activities leverages the work that goes into them for long-lasting impact. From seminars and workshops to lectures to fund-raisers to open-houses, events that get editorial coverage from any source are perceived as more important than those that don’t.

Coverage is equally relevant for businesses, non-profits and NGOs. It can run on your website, in newsletters and house publications, on social media and, in some cases, can be submitted to local news organizations.

Whether written, audio or video, coverage of events is a key part of an ongoing content marketing or story-telling strategy. It can accomplish the following:

  • Serve your mission, by extending core programs to those who couldn’t attend in person
  • Increase engagement, by introducing your work to people who aren’t yet familiar enough to attend in person
  • Affirm value, by validating for those who attended why the event was successful
  • Support attendance at future events
  • Provide an informational contact opportunity – that is, a chance to reach out to important constituents without asking them for time or money
  • Support lead-generation and/or fund-raising activities
  • Elevate the stature of an event or organization

Whether you host multiple events on a regular basis or just one or two large events a year, providing editorial coverage through our network of experienced, independent journalists is key to maximizing its value for long after the event has ended.