Strategic Communications

When smaller non-profit organizations and businesses decide to get serious about their communications and marketing, the first step is often the most overlooked: Developing a communications strategy.

It’s exciting to finally get started on building an online following, developing a beautiful new website and sending out formal announcements. But if you don’t begin with a process that assures the right messages are going out, you’re just using precious resources to create an impression that you’ll end up having to correct later.

Strategic communications means saying the right thing to the right people at the right time, and it’s the first step in any communication initiative. It involves:

  • Identifying key audiences.
  • Developing messages for each audience.
  • Selecting the right methods to reach each audience.
  • Creating and implementing repeatable processes to get the attention of audience members and engage them.
  • Establishing simple ways to measure progress.

Done right, you’ll reach a growing number of people who are interested in what you do and see the value in the particular way you do it – those most likely to pay more for the things you do best.

This work needs to be individualized to your business, so you can afford it, sustain it and measure it.

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