The importance of story-telling

People respond to stories – more than any other kind of information. We can give you examples, but they don’t work as well over the internet as they do over a cup of coffee – so contact us if you want proof and we’ll arrange a get-together in some neutral location, where you can leave easily if you start to lose interest.

Your business or organization has a story to tell. If you want people to get engaged and involved with your services or products, then every marketing message you send needs to be connected with your unique story.

Great stories happen to those who can tell them.
          – Ira Glass, This American Life

This doesn’t always come easily. Not everybody’s a great story teller. But no matter what your marketing needs are – a website, social media, a printed brochure, a basic strategy – it begins with your great story.

If you want to talk more about it, contact us.

But even if you don’t, we hope you find the value in the notion.