Creating or revamping your website is a two-part project:

  • Setting it up
  • Filling it with information

goat 180x165 rightSetting it up: Most people fear this part, because it involves arcane knowledge and technical questions they don’t know how to answer. But in truth, it’s easy. We use WordPress – ideal for small businesses and non-profits because it’s affordable, robust, flexible and empowering. You get a website that you and your team can easily update at will, without asking anyone for help.

Filling it with information: This is the hard part; it’s a bit of an art, and most website developers leave it entirely to you.

We’ll help get the right information on the website by:

  • Identifying your audiences;
  • Determining what you want each of them to know about you;
  • Creating the language, graphics and navigational flow through your website so every visitor easily gets what they’re looking for – and, most importantly, what you want them to find.

We do what you need – a little or a lot. From site design and development, to content creation, to management and trouble-shooting.

To discuss your needs and our approach, contact us.