A new perspective on the media meltdown


I've spent a lot of time describing why advertising and traditional media are on a downward curve. To be sure, the curve has been exaggerated this year by the recession. But it was exaggerated by the last recession too and there's no doubt that … [Read more...]

When you buy Zappos, what are you really buying?

In his blog, marketing guru Seth Godin asks the question, what is Amazon really buying when it spends a reported $847 million ($807 in stock and $40 million cash) to buy Zappos? And then he answers it. Amazon has plenty of shoes, plenty of … [Read more...]

Real social impact from social networks

If you doubt the potential of Twitter, Facebook and other social media, read this recent column by Nicholas Kristoff in the New York Times. The depth of meaning here is amazing. Twitter is an outlet for the voices of freedom in Iran; the ongoing … [Read more...]

Selling what your customers want v. what they need

... or this?

Content marketing guy Newt Barrett turns around conventional wisdom, suggesting that instead of working to develop a unique selling proposition, you develop a Unique Buying Proposition. This is more than a semantic turn. The UBP forces you to think … [Read more...]

A must-read for all you content types (that’s ‘editorial’) in the old paradigm


Here are 7 non-nonsense rules for any editorial types who plan to survive the 2009 Media Meltdown and transform themselves into the content creators of the future. For the detail, read the original blog on Recessionwire, written by Laura Rich, a … [Read more...]

On the art of ‘followership’

In his dependably brief and insightful blog, marketing guru Seth Godin writes about this video of a spontaneously developing community¬† at a dance festival: "My favorite part happens just before the first minute mark. That's when guy #3 joins the … [Read more...]

American Pie send-up on media


Anyone living through the media meltdown will enjoy this clever 9-minute rewrite of the old Don McLean anthem. … [Read more...]

Dinosaurs alive and well in era of Web 3.0

In his blog on PBS.org, Mark Glaser writes about the recent Wall Street Journal D All Things Digital conference -- a premium-priced conference for high flyers on, well, all things digital. Glaser's blog post is an easy, breezy read with some ironic … [Read more...]

10 YOUNG entrepreneurs to watch

Warning: If you have more than 20 years already invested in your career, this is going to make you very tired and at least a little bit scared. Here, from ContentNext.com are 10 young entrepreneurs to watch. By young, they mean really young -- no … [Read more...]

Can Obama be good for business?

Conventional wisdom among many of the people I know -- regardless of how they feel about¬† President Obama's social agenda -- is that his economic agenda is pretty tough on business. As reported by Stacy Blackman at bnet.com, Dr. Robert Frank at … [Read more...]