Privacy: It grows fainter and quainter

In a recent workshop on social media for small business, one owner remarked that she didn't want to start using Facebook for her business because she doesn't want information about her personal life to be available to strangers online. After an … [Read more...]

That crazy Mr. Ferguson in Dubai

Least convincing spam-scam of the week Subject: Your NAMES was used, Call Me:1-814-796-7443. Attention please, Your full names/data's was used to execute a huge Contract in Dubai without your consent and you have refused to give a … [Read more...]

Facebook’s future: It’s in your shorts

Just yesterday, a friend (that's a lower-case, analog friend) told me how much he hates Facebook. He can't believe how much time people spend there, he wishes he had never registered for it, and he resents the amount of attention it tries to demand … [Read more...]

American Pie send-up on media


Anyone living through the media meltdown will enjoy this clever 9-minute rewrite of the old Don McLean anthem. … [Read more...]

More than ever, the medium is the message


At the time, he was talking about the fast advent of TV. But if you want to see the truth of his statement in action, you're already in the right place: online. A message in Twitter is 140 characters long. A message on is, well, 12 … [Read more...]

Marketing, or just anti-social networking?

When I heard  about the college kids who are making money by advertising products with temporary tattoos on their foreheads, I knew it wouldn't be long before something like Wrapmail came along. As reported in Inc. magazine, Wrapmail is a service … [Read more...]