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  • Some brands can’t be rehabilitated In follow-up to a recent post about branding and rebranding, I’m not sure how to classify this item. It could be an example of hope over reason; or a grand experiment to test the persuasive powers of 21st Century media. Or a doomed attempt to paint over hate. Or maybe it’s satire. But it does succeed at demonstrating there are limits to what you can sell.
  • The truth about your brand: You don’t own it You don’t own your brand. Your customers and constituents do. “Branding” is one of those overused and misunderstood terms. When an organization embarks on a “rebranding” that usually means it’s changing its logo, colors and perhaps the tagline that comes after the name. Sometimes the whole point is just to freshen things up. But often, it’s also an effort to change the way an organization is viewed. While a company is almost wholly responsible for the way it’s perceived in public, changing that perception is a long, hard process. Your brand is ...

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