People respond to stories – more than any other kind of information. Our specialty is discovering your story and helping you tell a little bit of it every day in every communication, to cultivate your business or non-profit.

Your organization has a story to tell — not just how it was founded, but the culture, values and practices that make it unique. The things your biggest supporters understand and appreciate most.

If you want people to get engaged and involved with your services or products, then start by embedding part of your unique story into every communication you send.

What’s the value? If you think of your brand as a promise about the way you serve your customers or community, the story is a narrative of the many things your organization does every day to earn that reputation.

Telling your story is an ongoing reminder to existing relationships why they work with you; it’s good customer service. It’s also an extended hand to prospects who are happy to pay for the things you do best — a business development practice that empowers your sales team, shortens sales cycles and supports fair pricing.

Simply put, telling your story helps surround your business or non-profit with more people who like it for what it is.

This doesn’t always come easily. Not everybody’s a great story teller. But no matter what your communication needs are – a website, social media, a printed brochure, a basic strategy – it begins with your unique story.

Sound interesting? Write or call to discuss it. Or get started with a communications assessment for non-profits or businesses.

Here’s a brief video about the impact of stories. Additional resources on storytelling are in the left column.