The MarketFarm provides strategic communications planning, content marketing and visual communication for non-profits and small businesses; and a mix of strategic services for independent media organizations.

Our background is in media — editorial content, graphic design, audience development, marketing and sales. It’s a useful skill set in today’s environment, where the ability to tell a good story is the best way to cut through noise and clutter.

We work with organizations where leadership is directly engaged in the big questions of communication: What to say, but also how, when, where and to whom. With a focus on content, our consultative approach builds communication programs that fit an organization’s size, style, culture and capabilities to foster authenticity and clarity in your messaging.

We believe every communication — how it looks as much as what it says — is part of a larger story. Our job is to help you tell it well.

Contact us to discuss your needs. Or get started right away with a high level communications assessment for businesses in the B2B environment or non-profit organizations.